Skills Accelerator Training Bundle

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Why it Can be Done!

“Oscar is an awesome instructor and gave us some great skills to build on. This was a great investment.” Charles K.

“Our group showed up not understanding that we would be shooting real guns at virtual targets (thought it was virtual shooting). Some members of our group had never fired a handgun and were quite reluctant. Oscar was amazing teaching our entire group how to properly handle, load, aim and fire a handgun. Even the most reluctant members of our group felt comfortable enough to take part in shooting once Oscar had completed our training. They have an excellent array of firearms to choose from and the virtual target system is soooo much better than simply shooting at static paper targets. Two thumbs up for this place and for Oscar!”- Brian T.

Not Too Much of a Time Commitment

Each class can be booked at your convenience. There are different days and times for each class and can be taken over a year’s time. This is the lowest price for improving your shot. You could practice on your own for hundreds of dollars and get nowhere or see drastic improvement in no time.

“I was hesitant to commit to a gun training program, fearing that it would be expensive and inflexible with my busy schedule. But when I discovered this program, I was pleasantly surprised by the convenience and affordability it offered. The best part was that this was the lowest price I could find for improving my shot. I had previously tried practicing on my own, spending hundreds of dollars, but had seen little improvement. However, after taking just a few classes in this program, I was amazed by the drastic improvement in my skills. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to improve their shot without breaking the bank!”


You Can Afford It!

We provide shooting equipment on loan so that you don’t have to invest in personal protection equipment right away. You only need to pay for the class and ammunition.