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We know that being new to shooting can sometimes be a confusing and intimidating experience. Perhaps you’re not sure where to start with your training or you’ve been frustrated because you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable enough with to help you through the process. Whether you want to learn target shooting, self-defense, competitive shooting, everything begins with the fundamentals whether with a handgun or shotgun. Virlee’s professional instructors want to make it safe, fun and easy for you to get started with your firearms training!

We offer the perfect training progression for you to get started. You can purchase several training courses at a discounted price, without the need to have your own firearm and also without the need to immediately schedule the courses so you have the flexibility of taking them when your schedule allows.

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three ways to get involved

#1: reach out

We would love to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us or complete our contact form.


#2: Visit us

Our team here at Virlee Gunworks is friendly and approachable, and would be happy to help you find the perfect firearm or learn to shoot.


#3: book a class

We offer training classes for all levels of shooting experience from novice to concealed carry follow-up. If the class curriculum is not right for you, private instruction may be a great option.