Shooting Science Series
– Mission Statement – 

Embark on a unique firearms training journey with our ‘Shooting Science’ series, where we go beyond technical skills. We’re committed to a holistic approach, recognizing the ethical, mental, and philosophical facets of gun ownership. Our mission is to provide an educational experience that seamlessly integrates these dimensions, ensuring a complete understanding of the art and science of shooting.

Our meticulously crafted series is designed to guide you through every facet of firearm handling. From foundational safety and maintenance to advanced tactical skills, we cover it all. Our goal is to empower you with a depth of knowledge, enhancing not only your technical proficiency but also fostering responsible and ethical decision-making.

Each class in our Shooting Science series, featuring classes like ‘Trigger Tempo: Mastering Speed Shooting’ and ‘First Shot: Intro to Handgun Selection’, is meticulously crafted to offer a smooth progression of skills and understanding. Safety, precision, and cultivating a responsible mindset are emphasized at every step, ensuring participants develop a comprehensive perspective on firearms.

In our ‘Shooting Science’ training program, we aim to go beyond the conventional. It’s not just about acquiring skills; it’s a journey to foster profound respect for the discipline, comprehend the weight of responsibility, and embrace the philosophy of a conscientious shooter. Our objective is to empower every participant, imparting not only the ability to shoot but also the wisdom to understand what it means to wield a firearm with competence and integrity.

Class Details:

  1. Trigger Tempo: A session focusing on shooting at different speeds, perfecting both rapid and controlled firing.
  2. Far & Near: This session concentrates on target focus versus sight focus, teaching participants how to engage targets quickly and accurately.
  3. Reloads Refined: This session is dedicated to efficient reloading techniques under various conditions.
  4. Malfunction Mastery Class: A session focusing on identifying and clearing common firearm malfunctions.
  5. Solo Hand Shooting: Divided into two sessions – “Strong Hand” and “Weak Hand,” these workshops focus on improving shooting skills with each hand independently.
  6. Room Clearing Commandments: A critical and methodical approach to clearing rooms in a home environment, focusing on essential safety.
  7. Defender’s Den: This session covers procedures and strategies involved in effectively locking down and securing a home.
  8. Stop the Bleed: Tourniquet Application Techniques teaches different techniques for effectively using a tourniquet to stop bleeding.
  9. Gun Maintenance 101: A detailed session on gun maintenance, cleaning, and care.
  10. Concealed Carry Corner: A comprehensive session on drawing from concealment, including practical exercises and holster selection advice.
  11. First Shot: This beginners guide to handguns guides participants on how to choose the right firearm for their specific needs and body type.
  12. Lights Out: Intro to Flashlights is designed for beginners and provides a foundational understanding of handguns.

We offer a range of training programs, including:

Basic firearm safety courses

Concealed carry courses

Advanced marksmanship training

Shooting drills and simulations

Tactical training courses

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Our state-of-the-art training facility is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, including indoor ranges and simulators. We provide all the necessary equipment and ammunition for our training courses, so you can focus on improving your skills and having fun. Thank you for considering our Sturgeon Bay location for your firearm training needs. We look forward to helping you improve your skills and achieve your shooting goals!